Orthodontic treatment can be undertaken at any age. The requirements for this are good oral hygiene and a healthy periodontium (the tissue in which the teeth sit). In childhood, corrections can be made by controlling and directing the growth of teeth, but for adults the treatment often requires a combination of orthodontic treatment and oral surgery.

Fixed braces

A fixed brace is usually used for adults. This allows twisted and misplaced teeth to be brought back into the correct position, and gaps in the teeth to be closed. The teeth are connected to ‘brackets’ by a flexible wire. This allows the teeth to be gently drawn into the optimal position.

Braces for the inside (lingual)

With the lingual technique, a fixed brace is attached to the back of the teeth. This treatment is almost invisible, offering an aesthetic advantage and a high level of comfort. We use the newWIN system.

Ceramic brackets

The colourless ceramic braces allow good cleaning due to their smooth surface. The braces are transparent and so have the advantage of being less visible and more aesthetically pleasing.


An Invisalign treatment involves a series of almost invisible, removable aligners. With regular replacement of the individual, custom-made aligners, the teeth are brought step by step into their final position.


Maxilofacial surgery

With severe misalignment of the jaw, conservative treatment is generally not successful. In these cases, a surgical procedure is a solution after growth has finished. Working together with maxilofacial surgeons, the misalignment is surgically corrected after an orthodontic preparation.

Oral hygiene and Airflow

Our team supports adults in learning good oral hygiene – with or without braces. Our dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants make the very best treatment and care their top priority. Our professional, modern teeth-cleaning service with Airflow technology not only improves oral hygiene in general, but also has cosmetic advantages.